ISCOM HT803-1GE Крайно у-во за GEPON

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ISCOM HT803-1GE is a client-side EPON Optical Network Unit device fully integrating EPON and switch technology. It is designed to access residential and business subscribers intoPON network with designed handsome plastic shell. The device can be directly placed at home of terminal user for FTTH solution, supporting data and IPTV services.ISCOM HT803 provides one single strand PON interface, 1*10/100/1000M Ethernet interface for accessing subscribers gateway or computer. Together with Raisecom OLT device, itprovides full L2 switching functionality for high speed data, IP phone and IPTV services, can be remotely monitored and managed through OLT device and GUI Nview NNM system. Thewhole EPON system is ideal solution for carriers to deploy packet switching network with limited fiber resource.


  • Forwarding mode - Store and forward
  • Max frame size - 1596 Bytes
  • Plug and Play - Based on automatic discovery and configuration of the ONU Plug and Play
  • Link diagnostic - Link measurement and diagnostic on PON network, Diagnosed parameter: TX power, RX power, Temperature, P3V3 supply voltage, Transfer Distance, warning threshold etc.
  • MAC address table - 64 MAC address
  • Port isolation - Support different ethernet ports intercommunication enable or disable protecting the ports
  • VLAN - IEEE802.1Q, double tagging (Q-in-Q), 64 active VLAN, IEEE802.1ad
  • Multicast - IGMP Snooping V1/V2/V3
  • Security - Bi-directional AES-128 encryption, triple churning
  • Flow control - Support IEEE802.3X flow control
  • Loopback detection - Loop back detection for avoiding storms caused
  • Port mirror - Port mirror based on ingress and egress per port
  • Spanning tree - STP and RSTP for improving network resiliency and reliability
  • Storm control - Support storm control of broadcast, multicast and DLF according to PPS
  • Quality of Service - Upgradeable dynamic DBA algorithm, Rate-limiting on ethernet and PON interface, 64K~1M bps increments, Customized quality of service for assured SLA
  • ACL - Support L2 - L4 packet filtering based on source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, port, protocol, VLAN.
  • QoS - IEEE802.1P QoS, IPV4, Up to 4 output queues for each port, SP, WRR queue scheduling policy, TOS, COS, DSCP Priority, traffic classification, Support L2-L4 packet filtering
  • OAM - IEEE802.3 standard OAM, extended 802.3ah OAM


  • PON interface - 1 PON interface, SFF optical module, SC/PC connector, Single mode, single-strand, 1490nm continuous receive, 1310nm burst transmit, Symmetric 1.25Gbps, 20km distance, split ratio:1:32, 1:64 Indicators: LNK,
  • Ethernet interface - 1*10/100M/1000M auto-negotiation, RJ45 connector, Full/half duplex mode, Auto MDI/MDI-X, 100m distance, Indicators: LNK, ACT;
  • Weight 1.0kg
  • Power supply - External 12V power supply adapter
  • Power consumption 10W (at max load)
  • Working environment - Temp: 0 ~ 40 Celsius, RH:10 ~ 95% non-condensing

Storage environment - Temp: - 40 ~ 70 Celsius, RH: 5 ~ 95% non-condensing

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Manufacturer Raisecom
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pdf RC_DS_ISCOM HT803-1GE (T) (Rel_01).pdf pdf 526.6 KB Смъкни