ISCOM HT803G Крайно у-во за GPON

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ISCOMHT 803G is a next generation GPON terminal designed for FTTH . It provides one or four GE

interfaces over GPON, which can be used for residential services, providing high speed internet, STB

connections (for triple play services), or for business service connectivity. Raisecom GPON SFU, designed as a

small size, light box with low power consumption, facilitates operators devices installation and network



  • Works opposite Raisecom OLTs or any 3rd party OLT
  • RAISECOM SFU portfolio complies with ITU‐T 984/988 standards, with rich IOP with FTTH equipment from leading OLT vendors
  • Provide endusers with higher bandwidth next‐gen services.
  • Fast operator ROI


  • ITU‐T G.984.x(1,2,3,and4) and G.988.
  • 8 T‐CONTs and 32 GEMs.
  • Multiple authentication modes, such as SN, password and LOID.
  • AES‐128 encryption.
  • Rate:Uplink: 1.25Gbit/s, Downlink:2.5Gbit/s
  • Transmission distance 20-60 km.
  • Interfacetype: SC/PC
  • Central wavelength: Tx: 1310 nm;Rx:1490 nm


  • 10/100 Mbit/s auto‐negotiation and 1000Mbit/s full duplex and flowcontrol.
  • Statistics features of unicast packets,multicast packets and broadcast packets on the interface.


  • IGMP v2/v3 Snooping.
  • Multicast VLANs.
  • Multicast immediate leave

MAC Address

  • MAC address learning and aging

Loop detection

  • Support shutting down an interface and sending a link down trap when a loop occurs on the interface.
  • Support restoring an interface and sending a link up trap when a loop is eliminated on the interface.


  • VLAN tagging/untagging
  • IEEE 802.1Q
  • VLAN Stacking (QinQ)


  • OMCI complying with ITU‐TG.984/G.988
  • OMCI, OLT management and Web management. Suppor tinterface Up/Down alarms,and power failure alarm
  • Support configuring and querying thresholds of optical module parameters.


  • Classifying Layer2 traffic by fields (such as the destination MAC, source MAC, VLAN ID, and CoS).
  • Classifying Layer3 traffic by fields (destination IP, source IP and IP protocol).
  • Traffic classification based on QoS or ACL.
  • SP, WRR, or WDRR queue scheduling.
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pdf RC_DS_ISCOM HT803G (T) (Rel_01).pdf pdf Смъкни