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8-port Fast Ethernet Switch based on RTL8309SB/C Chipset

RTL8309SB Specifications:

- Integrated eight 10/100 transceivers and nine MAC units for 10 Base-T and 100Base-TX

- Embeded sram for packet storage.

- On-chip 1024-entry look-up table in direct mapping mode.

- Provides read/write access to look-up table entries via SMI interface.

- Provides non-blocking wire speed reception and transmission.

- Flow control fully supported:

- Half duplex: back pressure flow control.

- Full duplex: IEEE 802.3x flow contrl.

- Support for 4 LEDs per-port in various combinations for comprehensive


- Optional loop detection function with an LED to indicate the existence of a loop.

- Support MII loopback.

- Flexible system configuration by programable EEPROM.

- Optional Broadcast Input/Output Drop Flow control.

- Optional Maximum Packet Length 1536/1552 bytes.

- Supports two power reduction methods :

- Power saving mode (automatic cable detection)

- Power down mode (by PHY register 0.11)

- Supported QOS functions:

- QOS based on: (1) Port based priority (2) 802.1p VLAN tag(3) Diffserv/TosField in TCP/IP header (4) IP address.

- Supports two level priority queues with various weighting ratios.

- Queue service rate based on weighted round robing algorithm.

- Optional auto turn off Flow Control for 1~2 sec to avoid head-of-line blocking

- Flexible 802.1q port/tag based VLAN:

- Optional 802.1q tag-VID aware function

- Optional VLAN Ingress Member set filtering.

- Optional ARP VLAN for broadcast packet.

- Optional Leaky VLAN for unicast packet.

- Optional 802.1p/q tag insertion or removal on per port basis (egress).

- 25 Mhz crystal input.

- 128 Pin PQFP package

- 1.8V core voltage

Main Features:

-8 port 10/100 Mbps-up-link expansion port

-20/200 Mbps (full duplex) maximum speed

-Store-and-forward technology-dynamic memory allocation

-Supports 802.3x full-duplex and back pressure half-duplex flow control

-MAC self-learning

-Very low power consumption

Dimensions: 140x78x28 mm

Power supply:3.5V DC-20V DC,

DC Power Plug: 5.3 mm ext. diameter/ internal 2.1mm

Power consumption (12VDC):

-Stand-by (no UTP connected): 0.45W

- Max Consummation: 2.5W

-UTP-connected: 0.25W per 100Mbps-port

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Manufacturer Hi-Tech
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