Оптична муфа FTTH RN402A 24/48 сплайса, 2 касети

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RN402A protects fiber optic splicing joint in various installation conditions such as wires, manholes,ductsand direct buried.

It is specially designed for FTTH network and applicable to multi branching installation complying with the requirements in each point of network.

The RN402A provides easy and reliable installation and high mechanical strength against any environmental conditions.

With RN402A, you are able to improve to the higher level.

Key Features

  • Air valve on its cover checking air pressure drop
  • Ribbed body with high mechanical strength environmental impact and compression
  • 4 cable inlet ports two by two on both sides
  • 8 subscriber's outlet cable ports
  • Cable inlet specially designed for FTTH network
  • LAP ground connector and wire for grounding metallic OSP cables
  • Excellent tightness reliability
  • Pole and manhole installation
  • Efficient maintenance

Efficient Splicing

  • Efficient fiber management by splicing and storing 12core basis
  • Single or dual fiber routing method
  • Individual tray access
  • Full bend radius control
  • Accommodates 24 cores and up to 48cores available


  • Item Single Fusion
  • Size, mm: 270 x 160 x 80
  • Weight, kg: 2
  • Inlet Ports: 4
  • Cable diameter, mm: Min:3, Max:10
  • Number of splice trays: 2
  • Splice tray capacity: 12 (Max.24 cores)
  • Splice capacity: 24 (Max. 48 cores)
  • Splicing Method: Fusion
  • Splice Protector: Heat shrinkable sleeve
  • Tension member: Galvanized steel wire, FRP, wire
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Manufacturer Vissem
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