Polywater ръчна помпа за лубрикант

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The Polywater Lubricant Pump Model LP-3 is a hand-operated, self-priming, piston-type transfer pump.

Three different ratio settings allow the user to pump lubricants with a variety of viscosities, from liquids to gels

  • Practical Transfer of Polywater Lubricants -- Save time and effort in cable pulling. Eliminate hand scooping, messy pouring, and lengthy clean-ups.
  • Variable Pumping Capability -- Three adjustable settings allow easy delivery of lubricants with varying viscosities.
  • Pail Attachment -- Attach directly to a 5-gallon pail. No separate reservoirs or lubricant transfer required.
  • Consistent Lubricant Application -- Automates lubricant application with constant lubrication throughout installation.
  • No Power Equipment Required -- Electricity, batteries, and compressed air are not needed.
  • Easy Maintenance -- No assembly required. Cleans up with water.
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Manufacturer Polywater
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