Стрипер DC300A за FTTH кабел (2*FRP)

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DC300A/B is developed as all in one stripper with three side blades for flat cable(DC300A/3x2mm, DC300B/2x1.6mm), 250m and 900m fiber cable. It is a very stable tool with aluminum material and anti-slip grip design. With easy one hand operating as hand-held type stripper, it provides long lasting lifespan: 60,000 times of flat cable, and 90,000 times of 250m and 900m fiber cable.


  • Hand-held type stripper.
  • Easy one hand operating.
  • Available for flat, 250m and 900m fiber cable.
  • Anti-slip grip design.
  • Long lasting lifespan: flat cable-60,000times / 250m and 900m fiber cable-90,000times.
  • Using aluminum material-very stable structure.
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Manufacturer INNO Instrument Inc.
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