TKS Оптичен предавател с външна модулация, 1550.12nm, 2x7dBm, EMOT-30

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Product Description

TKS1550EMOT-30 series optical transmitter is a DFB laser external modulated transmitter operating at 1550nm. It is specially developed for the CATV signal that satisfies HFC network, and the long-distance transmission of cable phone and cable data.TKS1550EMOT-30 series transmitter consists of 7 function modules: RF control, DFB laser, optical modulator, SBS control, CSO control, communication/display control and power supply.Automatic gain control circuit (AGC) or manual gain control circuit (MGC) amplifies the RF signal. AGC or MGC control makes the optical modulator maintain a suitable input level. Use the detected RF root-mean square (RMS)-total power to calculate the optical modulation index (OMI).In general we recommend using the AGC function, and special users can use the MGC function to adjust the CNR/CSO/CTB performance indexes.The core of transmitter is the optical modulator. The 1550nm signal input the optical modulator, make the laser intensity changed follow the external RF signal voltage, and then generate the AM optical signal.Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) occurs, when the optical input power is greater than a certain threshold value. SBS generate the lower frequency backscattered light which will attenuate the transmission light and return to the laser while destroying its performance. Causing optical power fluctuation, generates large noise, and seriously deteriorates the system carrier to noise ratio (CNR). To improve the SBS threshold, TKS1550EMOT-30 series optical transmitter adopts SBS control technology which is independent researched and developed by ourselves. The threshold value can be set up to 19dBm.The optical modulator has a two-way optical signal output. Parts of that signal are routed to an InGaAs photodiode. This detection of the optical signal has two functions:1) Detect whether the laser is normal working. Once the output optical power is 2dB lower than standard power, alarm will be set off.2) Detect CSO distortion to optimize the bias point of the optical modulator. For working normal the detector circuit needs at least two carrier signal inputs with an interval of 24MHz. There is a CSO initialization program in the boot process. If the CSO install failed, the RF indicator will flash red.


  • High-performance long-distance transmission
  • High-power distribution network
  • Redundancy loop architecture
  • FTTx network
  • RFOG application
  • DWDM network
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Manufacturer TKS
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pdf Tx EM Optical Transmitter 1550nm (TKS1550EMOT-30) ver.2.pdf pdf 36.9 KB Смъкни